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Senin, 26 September 2016

How to Backup Data from iPhone 7 to PC/Mac

How to Backup Data from iPhone 7 to PC/Mac - is looking for information, and in this blog Android Gadgets we have been providing very complete information from various sources that reliable, well we'll talk about the How to Backup Data from iPhone 7 to PC/Mac as you need, please si read to completion.

Articles : How to Backup Data from iPhone 7 to PC/Mac
full Link : How to Backup Data from iPhone 7 to PC/Mac
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How to Backup Data from iPhone 7 to PC/Mac

It's a very important thing for us to back up the mobile phone data. Especially now is a digital age. A lot of things are done through electronic information. Our mobile phones often store a lot of important data, so it is necessary to back up the data. Now iPhone 7/plus is released. Many people also buy the iPhone 7/Plus. So, I will introduce how to back up/transfer contacts, photos, videos, imessages, music from iPhone 7/Plus to Computer.

Dr.Fone for iOS is a software with rich feature. You can use the software to solve all kinds of problems encountered in iOS equipment. For example, restore data, backup data, delete data. There are many aspects of it, including OS System Recovery, iOS Data Backup & Restore, iOS WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore, iOS Viber/ Kik/ LINE Backup & Restore, iOS Full Data Eraser, iOS Private Data Eraser. Backup phone data is nothing to the software. And the backup process is very simple, I will detail the following.

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Steps to Transfer Files Contacts, Photos, Videos, iMessages from iPhone 7 to PC/Mac:

Step 1. Run the program and connect your iPhone 7 to your PC

First of all, you need to install Dr.Fone on your computer. Then run it. At this point, you can see the program on the left side of the column has a number of projects. Please click "More Tools" and select" "iOS Data Backup & Restore".

Then, you need to connect your iPhone 7 to your computer. So you need to prepare a USB line. When the program detects your cell phone, the program interface is as follows.

Step 2. Select File Types to Backup

At this point, the program requires you to select the type of data you need. By default, all items are checked. If you just need a photo, or other data, you can cancel the other data types. Then, click "Backup".

Tip: If you have used Dr.Fone to backup your device before, you can click on “To view the previous backup file”.

Step 3. Selectively Export or Restore Backup Content

This process may take a few minutes. When the process is over, you can export the data to the PC. At this point, the program will show the details of the data. At this time, you only need to check the data you want and click “Export to PC”.

Of course, the lower right corner of the program there is an option, that is restore to the device, if you have this need, you can click on it.

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Related : How to Backup Data from iPhone 7 to PC/Mac

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