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Selasa, 16 Agustus 2016

Zenfone 5 T00J(WW)

Zenfone 5 T00J(WW) - is looking for information, and in this blog Android Gadgets we have been providing very complete information from various sources that reliable, well we'll talk about the Zenfone 5 T00J(WW) as you need, please si read to completion.

Articles : Zenfone 5 T00J(WW)
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Zenfone 5 T00J(WW)

Zenfone 5 T00J(WW)

These Firmware is Full Firmware, just like OTA (Over the Air) Firmware from Settings>About>System Updates. I'm just Provide the links so you can download it through your PC/Laptop. You Must know your current firmware version+build number to apply updates, for example i have T00F TW so i download T00F TW ( to to apply update. And all of these firmware are official from ASUS server. You will not lose your data with OTA update (but for your safety i recommend to backup your data)

How to Update with OTA Firmware:
Method 1:
Download and Rename to or
Replace T00x to T00G/T00J/T00F/Z00A/Z008 ,
Replace WW/TW
Replace x.xx.xx.x to your downloaded version (example
Place to Internal Storage(not SD Card) and Restart waiting for Notification
Or you can see Manual OTA update Procedure

 Download and extract the firmware on your computer.: After extracting you will find the SP Flash Tool,Driver and  Install the
USB Drivers  (skip if drivers are already installed).
Open the SP Flash Tool and load the Scatter File from the firmware   folder
Connect your Smartphone to the computer using the USB Driver
 Click on Upgrade Download  Button in the SP Flash Tool to Begin the Flashing.
 Green Ring will appear at the end of successful Flash.

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