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Jumat, 08 Juli 2016

Monitoring My Seven Year Old With Cell Phone Spyware

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Monitoring My Seven Year Old With Cell Phone Spyware

Seven is a bit young for a cell phone, I admit it. But our child walks home from school and has a lot of after school activities we rush her to a few times a week. She’s got soccer and piano lessons. I needed a way to be able to quickly communicate with her if she needed a ride or something was going on. So, yes, we gave my daughter a cell phone (my husband’s old iPhone 4s after he upgraded to an SE) and that was that. But we don’t regret our decision one bit, not when we have a spy phones for cell phones monitoring software to make sure our daughter is safe and sound.

Why Cell Phone Monitoring Software Works

Our daughter, thankfully, is a bit too young for things like dating (and we don’t want to think about thatbecoming a reality). Her dads, on the other hand, want to make sure she’s save no matter whatever she’s doing on her phone.

The cell phone spy tools monitoring software not only lets us see what our daughter is doing on her phone but there’s also a host of other amazing features that help us keep our daughter safe. We can see if there are any texts or messages sent to and from her phone. If we need to, we can even pin point her GPS location. But that absolutely isn’t all.

One of my favorite features has to be the fact that I can remotely shut off access to certain apps and the phone itself if I need to. For example, during the school day, I’ll block access to the phone until my daughter is out of school.

I can also make sure she’s not making any in-app purchases or downloading any apps that we haven’t given her permission to download yet. While we have parental controls enabled on her phone, it’s always good to take these extra steps to make sure she hasn’t figured out a workaround around parental controls. What can I say? This kid is smart but cell phone monitoring software allows me to stay one step ahead of her when it comes to making sure she’s using her phone responsibly.

And yes, we allow her to download some games on her phone. While she doesn’t get to use her phone all the time at home (she gets about an hour a day and can earn more hours by doing chores), having games on the phone is a fun and easy way to make sure she has something to do at the doctor’s office or on a road trip.


But you’re going to want to keep a few things in mind before you act with spy bugs for cell phones.

In order to access all the features we talked about on our daughter’s phone, we ended up jailbreaking our daughter’s phone. You don’t necessarily have to jailbreak to access features like text monitoring but because of the iPhone’s security features, you’ll have to do so in order to be able to use GPS monitoring and so on.

Be sure your kids know about what the software does. While that might sound pretty counterproductive, I don’t see it as any different than telling our kids to stay within sight of the house when playing outside or how to call 911. They need to be aware of how we’re keeping them safe so they understand their boundaries and how their parents can help them. Plus, we need to be able to encourage our kids to trust us and I see that as being a hard thing to enact when our kids don’t even know what to expect from us.

But cell phone monitoring software has allowed our daughter to feel safe with her phone, even though she’s young. 

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